Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Listen to Podcast! Portland and Vancouver hear from Nia Abdallah

On August 4, 2008 the people of Portland,OR and Vancouver,WA heard live from Nia Abdallah as she went one-on-one with Opio Sokoni of Poli-tainment.com and KMBS radio. The question was posed by Opio: Will there be justice for a 2004 Olympic Tae Kwon Do Silver Medalist? Ms. Abdallah may have been robbed by the 2008 United States Olympic Committee in her Des Moines, Iowa Olympic trial match against Diana Lopez. Nia talks to Opio about it...click below and listen to the podcast now.

LISTEN!:Nia Abdallah Speaks To Right An Olympic Wrong

About Opio Sokoni
Opio Sokoni is a Howard University trained lawyer working as the General Manager of Portland, Oregon√Ęs KBMS radio where he self produces a politics and Hip Hop radio show. Opio has previously worked for the Drug Policy Alliance, TransAfrica and Amnesty International. His multimedia interviews have included Congressional members and entertainment icons such as Harry Belafonte and Russell Simmons. His writings have appeared in the Boston Globe, The Black Commentator, the Washington Times, DaveyD.com and numerous popular websites. He has also appeared on C-SPAN and the O'Reilly Factor. An activist filmmaker, he has written, directed and produced two documentary films, and last year, premiered the first ever activist film, Turn Off Channel Zero which targets Viacom as a major source of negative media portrayals of African Americans. Opio is the author of an award-winning children's book (I Want to Be a Lawyer When I Grow Up) and an activist manual (Poli-Tainment: Making Struggle Sexy). Mr. Sokoni was the lead organizer and consultant for the Appeal for Redress campaign - a movement of active duty military members appealing to end the war in Iraq - it was a featured broadcast on 60 Minutes. He runs the news and culture website http://www.poli-tainment.com/. Also visit www.myspace.com/turnoffchannelzero


Anonymous said...

Welcome to One World Fascism and Corruption. The Winner and Loser were cheated out of the truth along with the Olympics.

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