Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Would Diana Lopez appear on Sports Radio 610 with Nia Abdallah?

A huge queastion was posed by the hosts of the Sports Radio 610am Sunday Block Party, Bobby Z. and Lesbian Craig on August 17. They have sent out an open invitation to Diana Lopez and her family to appear on their show along with Nia Abdallah and her family to have a dialogue about the injustice that Nia feels she faced. The question is would they be willing to do it?

"We are going to make some calls and reach out because after watching this video of Nia vs Diana, I think we need to hear from the Lopez family", said Lesbian Craig. "As show host we are suppose to be non-biased in our interviews but after the watching this fight, its hard not to be. Nia is scoring points left and right."

"What happen to Nia is not what the Olympics is suppose to be about", said Bobby Z.

Nia Abdallah commented that "if you can get Diana on the show I would come back. But these question is would she be willing to come."

The hot hour long interview drew several callers who were in support of Nia Abdallah as the winner and wanted to see more action taken. The co-hosts watched the fight during the show as well with "play-by-play" jokingly commentary as Nia landed kick after kick to Diana's head and body.

"I honestly don't know the point system but I do see Nia going upside her head and no points being scored", added Bobby Z.

The co-hosts then asked Nia to describe how it felt to win a silver medal in 2004. "Honestly I was really upset that I did not win the gold medal so I was crying. Looking back I wish I had not been so upset so I could have enjoyed the moment. Because I know others saw it as a great feat, and it was, but I didn't fully take it in because I wanted to win the gold. It does feel good to know that I will always be an Olympian forever."

Her step father, Thomas Duhart Jr. said "It was emotional for Nia in 2004 because she had the U.S. flag with her that belongedto her grandfather, who she has promised she would win the Olympics. So she was thinking about him. But we were so proud of her and that was an unbelieveable feeling to see her get that medal."

"We are so proud of Nia", said her mother Rhonda Duhart. "she worked so hard, even after having a baby, to prepare herself to win in Beijing. She is a wonderful daughter."




I watched the entire match on my lunchbreak. Funny to see it has been removed from YouTube by the Olympic Committe pending copyright...
I admit I don't know much about Tae kwon do or its scoring, so I just made marks of my own of kicks and knockdown of both opponents. From my crude "scoring" and what I could see, you clearly was the winner. It didn't take an expert to see that. What an outrage! But, I'm not totally surprised with all the press and endorsements the Lopez family has received--it was purely political and about the money. However, God don't like ugly, and all who were involved in this injustice will reap what they sowed. I want you to stay encouraged. Right will prevail. I'd like to show my support somehow as I tried to keep up with this story. It would be "big" of the Lopez family to come on to 610 AM and face you and your family. But if they were so petty as to resort to something so evil, I don't see it happening.
My very best to you and your future endeavors. The Tae kwon do daycare is an wonderful and thoughtful idea. May God continue to bless and keep you... keep your eyes on Him. He will see you through. Trust me, their bad deeds WILL NOT go unpunished. No matter what comes of this, those who did the wrong will have to answer to a just God who sees and knows all.

Keep your head up, my Sister. Take Care!!

averagejoe said...

Diana if you would have won the GOLD MEDAL in Beijing I was going to suggest to you to take that medal to Nia and give it to her and apologize to her for all of the wrong deeds that was done to her by you and that sport. Since you won only a bronze medal which was one of the two bronze medals given away by your sport you can keep it. Nia has already has a medal and it was SILVER!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure they want to confront the truth.

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