Friday, July 25, 2008

Listen! Nia Abdallah on "Living In Black" Radio Show

The West Coast was buzzing on Sunday, July 20th as Nia Abdallah appeared on the popular L.A. based online radio show "Living In Black" with Dr. Ahmses Maat and Keidi Awadu.

Abdallah was given the opportunity to delve into the wrongful and unfair judging that took place in her controversial Olympic Qualifying match against Diana Lopez. "I prepared myself to win and I was robbed because I was actually fighting against the story that everyone wanted the Lopez family to have. I want everyone to watch the fight themselves and let me know who they think really won. This injustice has to stop."

Dr. Maat then allowed online viewers to watch the fight live on as he and Abdallah went through it play by play. "I see you kicking her several times and not receiving points. You beat her hands down", commented Dr. Ahmses, who also went to the Olympics as a mixed-martial artist in 2004. "We want everyone to go on to her blog, myspace page and show her some support. This has to be made known and that's why we brought her on the show."

Listeners were then given insight into the mental and physical preparation it took for Abdallah to win a silver medal in Tae Kwon Do 2004 in Athens, Greece. She described her training regime, diet, mental focus and the art of mastering self. "I love this sport because it teaches you principles that go beyond the mat. It's about having self-control and mastering yourself first. The TKD principles are so valuable and that's why I am standing up to let the country and world know what was done to me and how the principles were violated."

What about on the mat? "In truth I can be the nicest person to you, but once we get in the fight, I am focused on winning. I totally change my posture towards you when you become my opponent because I take this very serious."

Numerous callers posed questions to her and some even suggested that she make her story into a movie and a book. "you have a powerful story", said one caller.

"We were honored to have such a motivating and brilliant sister on the air with us today", said Dr. Ahmses in his closing words. "She is the true champion and should be representing us at the 2008 Olympics. Everyone please call, email and support Nia Abdallah."

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