Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TKD Certified Coach Comments on Houston Chronicle article. Please Read!

In the July 27th edition of the Houston Chronicle, Sports Writer David Barron wrote an article titled "First family of taekwondo realizes Olympic dream". Within that article he wrote:

"Steven Lopez qualified in 2007 for his third Olympics, and Mark and Diana followed suit this spring at the Olympic trials, where Diana defeated 2004 silver medalist Nia Abdallah of Houston in overtime in a hotly disputed match."


2win wrote:
I saw the video for the first time. My coach saw it and stated that Nia should have won that fight. I agreed.

I am a TKD Blk belt and have been competed since 83, and also a certified referee and also a coach. Looking at round by round:
Round 1:
Nia 4 points ( 3 round kick: 1 on left kick, 1 on the double kick, fake right and landed on left kick, 1 on left kick, 1 on fast double right/left) This happened with in 30-40 second into the fight. Nia did not score on the head kick on this round is because it contacted on her shoulder and not on the face. Therefore shhe did not score 2 points.
Diana - 0

Round 2:
Nia: 2 points to the head (an "illusion" kick ie. make it seems like a round kick but then hook at the last second to contact to the face) Nia definately had a solid kick on that at the 30 second into the 2nd round. Diana fell down.
Diana: 0

Round 3:
Nia 2(scored first on the right leg fast kick. Then 1 more on the right leg fast kick

Diana: 0 ( She kicked a bit more, but nothing landed)

Sudden death: (Rule: First one landed a kick, wins)

Nia- scored first on the right leg lunge round kick. It was not too clear though..ie..solid enough but it was there. 1 more on the right leg round kick, then Diana counter with her right leg and fell down. Nia kicked first on this exchange. Nia then 1 more on the right leg round/push kick and Diana lost her footing. A solid kick. 1 more solid round kick to Diana and Nia lost her footing and fell.

Last 30 second Diana kicked and MISSED, and Nia counter with her right leg and landed.

Nia: 0 ( with many FIRST kicks and landed)
Diana: 1 ( with 1 missed kick)

Diana won.

Critique on the ref:
- should have given Nia a -1/2 on turning the back on the fight when she just turn around and walk off. She was hurt and I do not know how.
- Should have given both fighters more -1/2 for stalling.

Nia was definately the better fighter: Superiority on kicks, superiority on initiating kicks, landed more kicks.

Statistically, Nia delivered more kicks and landed more. Diana kicked, but nothing was landing. Lots of jammed kicks. She did do more on 3 round and on the sudden death. But it was not landing.

On the old system (USTU) when "sudden death" round was non-existant, the center ref will decide on the superiority of the fighter. Nia was the superior fighter. She could have represent the US much better than Diana.

With that said, Diana now really have to proof herself in Bejing. With the burden carrying to China, Diana really, really have to give it all and let the TKD people in the US that she has what it takes to represent the US TKD or else the Korean will have her for lunch.

Diana looked very hesitant and not confident at the trial.

As for me, I fought National and went to Team trial before way back when. My coach was up there with Clay Barber, Juan M., Ms L. Love, Ms D. Holloway...way back when.

Posted: 7/28/2008 11:19:08 PM

-END Quote-

READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE,OTHER COMMENTS AND SPEAK OUT AT: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/sports/oly/5909541.html


Jennifer Wise said...

Being that I am not a TKD expert, this comment really helped me to see clearly that Nia should have won...although I had already determined that on my own.

Keep your head up Nia! You are an inspiration to a young sister like me.

Anonymous said...

Unprecedented. We're gonna keep fighting, till we can't fight no more.

Anonymous said...

Unprecedented; We're gonna keep fighting, till we can't fight no more!

Anonymous said...

Well my dear, you have a lawsuit in your hands and suggest that you take action. Find yourself the best attorney in town and fight for your position because it is unfair what has been done. If you or any of your family or friends know anyone that works for the news paper or tv news I would recommend that the video of the fight to be shown. Believe me they may help you fight for your position in the Olympics. You are too much of a kind person but do not sit back and watch someone else have the glory you deserve.

Anthony said...

I watched the video tried to remain objective. It was tough but watching the fight, I was amazed at the techniques that weren't awarded. I have always been a firm believer that at the highest level, it's tough to judge evenly matched opponents. I loved the chess game that was played by both fighters in sudden death. My grandmaster used to tell me that he HATED fighters who THREW hands up after a technique but he knew what they were doing. They were helping the judges (who may have missed it) give them points. In sudden death, I saw 2 techniques by Nia that should have ended the bout but Diana did like most seasoned martial artist. if the judge doesn't stop it, you keep fighting. The worst part is when you're a fighter and you KNOW you score, and they still don't stop, it takes your energy away because now you're fighting the fighter AND the judges. Nia was truly the champion that day because when it is clear that you are NOT the favorite, all you can do is keep fighting.

I say 'let diana go' because if you undo it, you set a dangerous precedent. In the end, if Diana wins it all, then her toughest fight was against Nia. if she loses, then she shouldn't have been there in the first place. Nia is a great fighter and her reputation should not be tarnished by those who would believe that Nia had to politic her way onto the squad (even though, she was the better fighter).

Commit to 2012 and when you face Diana again, DOMINATE HER COMPLETELY!

Serena said...

Interesting to know.

bathmate said...

I liked it.

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