Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nia Abdallah returns to New York Airwaves

Nia Abdallah makes appearance on "Respect For Life" radio show
New York boroughs inspired by the true champion

After receiving rave reviews for her dynamic interview on the "Millions More and You" show, 2004 Olympic silver medalist Nia Abdallah was invited back the be a guest on WHCR 90.3 FM on Monday, July 14, 2008.

This time she was asked to be on the air for an entire hour with Mr. Leroy Baylor, the host of the Respect For Life show, which aimed at discussing the mental side of Tae Kwondo Do, training regimes, shaking off haters and overcoming difficulty. This interview would show more of the insight and knowledge Abdallah has gain in her 15 years of experience.

"The sport of Tae Kwon Do gives one the opportunity to release their frustrations and channel their energy that otherwise may be uncontrolled", said Abdallah. "Life is about positive and negative energy. We choose which one we want to dominate us. If you remain in a positive state of mind you will attract positive things. But if you walk around with negative things on your mind all of the time then you will attract those things that you don't want to happen."

Baylor then asked her to compare Tae Kwon Do to other sports such as boxing in relation to the mental demand on the athlete.

"Tae Kwon Do is similar to many sports but it is more of a chess game back and forth. Calculating your next move and study your opponents moves at the same time", said Abdallah. "In all sports you have to train if you want to win. When it comes to training, I always keep in my head that my opponent could be training at this every moment, so I have to stay on point. I think about how there is probably someone training in China right now, so that motivates me."

Abdallah then went further into many of the tenets of TKD and other motivating principles that has helped her become a champion in the sport she loves. "The same principles applied on the mat are the same principles one can incorporate in life outside the mat. I always say that if what you did yesterday still looks good today, then you haven't done nothing today. We have to constantly meet challenges and try to achieve. The same way one can be the best martial artist is no different than the person who wants to be an engineer. Be the best."

"I always have learned from others as well. I've seen certain moves by others and I try to perfect them. Learning is crucial," she added.

The radio show host then closed out the interview discussing the controversial match between her and Diana Lopez, envy and the value of 'haters'.

"From looking at the tape, it is clear that you won, how have you handled it?", asked ?Baylor.

"After looking back at the tape, there was nothing else I could have done to win. I didn't see any mistakes I had made. We had a game plan going into that fight against Diana [Lopez] and it was working", said Abdallah. "But they wanted her to win so bad that they didn't care what I did. Even if I had knocked her out. I beat Diana Lopez. That's why I want the whole world to know what was done to me so something can be changed in the sport."

Abdallah then went on to say "envious people only hurt themselves. I love it when someone tells me I can't do something. I love it because I enjoy showing people they are wrong. Comedian Katt Williams says that if you have haters, then that means you are doing something worth hating on. "
She then took questions from a few callers and asked all of the listeners to log on to her blog and myspace page to watch the video of the fight between her and Diana Lopez.

"I got a lot from this interview. Nia is very sharp, proving the benefits of martial arts for the mind. She's very good", said Baylor.

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