Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nia Abdallah goes one-on-one with Your Black World Reporter

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Tolu Olorunda, contributing writer for www.YourBlackWorld.com, went one-on-one with Nia Abdallah and her parents to go deeper into the movement of the We Support Nia Campaign.

Here are a few excerpts:

YBW: Can you speak on the background of Diana Lopez and the influence of the Lopez family in general?

Abdallah: Well, a lot of people don't know this, but in 2000, the Lopez family was in the media saying that they we're going to be the "first family of Taekwondo" -- meaning that they would all compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympics together. One of the Lopez brothers is an AAC board member -- the board that makes the rules for the selection process. So, the family was in play with that much power, and they already had AT&T and The Jay Leno Show in the works before the Olympic trial, in order to promote their dynasty.

YBW: Can you give us a landscape view of the 2008 Qualifying Match with Diana Lopez -- for those who haven't seen it?

Abdallah: Basically, we went up to 3 or 4 rounds without any score points. And, seeing that we we're both world competitors, I could not understand why there were no points accrued initially in the span of the match. When I kicked her and she fell, there were no deductions, and it is definitely worth seeing the fight, because the tape proves itself. I urge everyone to go to my BlogSpot and MySpace page to view it, because she won by illegitimacy.

YBW: What are you advocating for, and why?

Abdallah: We are fighting for these injustices to stop, and most people look over it because it has become a staple in professional sports, but slaves could have said the same thing about their condition. We want everybody to know that together, we can change the system.

YBT: Are you asking for reinstatement or a rematch?

Well, with the time frame, it is not probable that I would be going to Beijing. So, it's a small chance that I would still be present at the Olympics, but I'm fighting so that no one else has to go through the same experience I went through...

Read the full interview at:Nia Abdallah Goes One-on-One With YBW

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