Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The People Are Speaking Out Against Diana Lopez...Read These Comments

The People Are Speaking Out--Read These Comments From YouTube

The first video of the April match between Nia Abdallah and Diana Lopez was taken off of YouTube several times by the USOC BUT there is one still remaining of the Sudden Death Round. Check it out the comments that have been made so far:

videosearch1 (2 months ago)

The sound didn't survive the file conversion...apologies...the video speaks volumes...Final kick replays are at the end of the video.

edandrews (2 months ago)

Agreed! Outrageous!!!! Especially since they ignore ALL of Nia's direct kicks, and when Nia knocked down Diana THREE TIMES with no points. This arm shot shows they really wanted Diana to have it.

videosearch1 (2 months ago)

Consider the point of view of the 2 judges closest to the crowd out of view of the camera. How could they possibly see that hit her body (which it didn't)when they didn't score heads hots that all could see? Just sick..

magnumdave2 (2 months ago)

WTF?! That was not a point! she didn't touch her body at all, that was an arm shot... damn...

AnimatedEnigma (2 months ago)

TRAVESTY!!!! SCREW JOB!!!! Deplorable!!!! SCREWED BLIND!!!! INJUSTICE!!!! CHEATED!!!!! PATHETIC!!!! Despicable!!! Just a few descriptive clean adjectives that come to mind when I see the taekwondo scoring like this by USAT. Pretty sad way to pick a representative for the USA! Tanya Harding has more ethics than the five judges who publically screwed Nia if front of the world!

oak2day (2 months ago)

This is a sad time for the Olympics and a sad time for America. The best athlete in the USA will not be representing the USA at the 2008 Olympics in Bejing for the Women's Taekwondo matches. Having three siblings compete together sounds like a great marketing opportunity. However, when they are not the best athletes how can you permit them to represent the USA? Where is the honor of the Olympics? Where is the honor of TKD?

taekwondocoach (1 month ago)

Bunch of cheaters and posers I can't believe our Taekwondo community is being represented by some abnormal family in the Olympics like there is nobody who is better or at least deserves its achievements in this country.
I can think of some one who can and actually did beat the Lopez more than once in this country? But what happened next? The CIA or the government made them disappear OH NO I am sorry the American public did because they stayed silent to what's right and applauded what's wrong

lazarus4564 (1 month ago)

the other video on this site got nuked by the usoc i wonder how much longer yours will stay up

kalonzohart (1 month ago)

can anyone explain how the USOC can keep taking down this footage claiming copyright infringement considering this is obviously someone's personal camcorder? This isn't an official USOC television broadcast produced for the purposes of the USOC this was held as a public event so shouldn't it be public domain footage if someone records it on their own. I've been to tons of TKDO Matches and never saw a sign prohibiting the use of camcorders due to copyright infringement. any legal eagles out there

kalonzohart (1 month ago)

NFL games actually prohibit the use of camcorders at live games for that reason but i have never seen the prohibition of camcorders at any level.

ImATitanGirl (1 month ago)

crazy. the USOC is outrageous.

lazarus4564 (1 month ago)

The other question is why dosnt USOC claim copyright infringement on all the other videos on here. there are plenty that should come down to under this idea.

edandrews (1 month ago)

Houston Chronicle ran a story about this -- go to chron(dot)com and search for Nia. The word's starting to get out! Even so, they framed the story as Nia and her family wanting a review, but this is an American story. Most of us don't even know Nia -- and we're demanding a review. Knowledge is power, and the more people know, the more the USOC will be under pressure to review it, so let's all keep spreading the word.

PubliusAfricanus (1 month ago)

They took it down.

wtagirl (1 month ago)

I was there when this happen

AnimatedEnigma (1 month ago)

Perhaps, cheating or a legal proceeding event could be added to the Olympic games so the USA would have a guaranteed chance to win at the games too?

PubliusAfricanus (1 month ago)

I have no idea what's going on here. How come they don't get points for all the kicks that are connecting? And why are they going after each other like they have a grudge or something? I though martial artists were supposed to be calm and collected, or something. Like Steven Seagal. For he is the master.

edandrews (1 month ago)

The issue is and always will be that Nia won and Diana lost but 'judges' gave it to the family sibling. The USOC is only making it worse nt not correcting this now.

desentrix (1 month ago)

Completely agreed-- this is not saying that both fighters are great, but theres too much politics behind this. If all the sponsors and advertisers saw Diana lose... draw your own conclusions.

tkdman30 (3 weeks ago)

yea i agree with u.. its alot of politics with it cuz it has been like 100 years since a whole family has gone 2 da olympics 2gether

ktracy2k (1 month ago)

Major screwjob.

CASteel1 (3 weeks ago)

Ha ha ha...this vid will be gone soon. But I donwloaded it.

taekwondocoach (3 weeks ago)

yah we are done here this is the end of every american real story they stick it up to your uasss many would talk about rejecting it but at the end we'd just get used to it!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha

kenytco68 (2 weeks ago)

THAT IS SOME BS! Hope lopez gets her ass handed to her like sushi in the games... if this shit doesn't get straightened out before then.

AnimatedEnigma (2 weeks ago)

OLYMPIC CHEATING SPORT EVENT _ Do they have any rules ...... or do the cheating judges just do what they have to so the desired competitor wins?????? Looks like thejudges game plan id: Hold off all scoring till the last minute then cheat thei pants off? What do the judges do to them after they get their pantsd off? What a disgusting sport!

Liudmila085 (1 week ago)


Buffy85 (1 week ago)

Wtf? wow!! Ive competed in this sport for years and never seen anything like this!! The Lopez family should be ashamed of them selves. What a set up! I have trained with Nia many times and thought id take her side to quickly untill i watched if for myself! and WOW! diana won't make it passed the first round! Usoc what the hell are yall doing? Nia that was yours! Love ya girl! don't worry what goes around comes around! we all know who the real champion is and she fights with her heart! GO NIA!!=)

jaiscot (6 days ago)

I say also the same the usos us getting more & more political everyday. I mean come on everyone seen this & still no change. Its dispicable but everyone knows that it happendeds to the best of us so if the right person doesnt rep. the USA for tkd in the olympics or worlds or pan-am's i guess there just hurting the sports reputation & people dont even wanna fight for usat ne more b cuz of these ref's an horible judging

justinmichael22 (5 days ago)

From that distance the ref should have seen it was on the arm. Oh well.

raguin1 (3 days ago)

Yeah Nia!!! This match shows the lack of integrity in WTF. Those who compete at the nat'l level have witnessed blatant favoritism for Diana Lopez in numerous matches that she should have lost. Obviously, the goal is to promote tkd in the U.S. through the unlikely story of 3 siblings (Steven, Mark, Diana) making it to the Olympics. All this does is to turn me (and I'm sure others ) off to tkd and want to switch to a different martial art. Perhaps BJJ where outcomes are much more obvious (tap).

andorragoldleader (2 days ago)

Man, she was robbed!

muhammadfamily (2 days ago)

Maan she was robbbed!

PubliusAfricanus (16 hours ago)

What's worse is having to be reminded of what selfish people they are every time I turn on the television. Has Charlotte Craig appeared in one interview with them? You'd think it was just the family defending the Americans this year.

Now Watch it for yourself and leave us a comment:




Anonymous said...

She was so robbed you blind judges!!!!!!!!

john said...

Well Nia i was a State Champ Wrestler in Alabama and I had a few pins not given to me when it mattered.
But here it all is in full sound and video at the moment anyways.

I also lived on Truxillo next to Shape Community Center while attending Texas Southern Univ. so go get em home gal! You are my gold Medalist already! File ad re-file all the way to US Sup Ct. if need be.

Abel said...

damn at first i wasn't sure but after seeing that video i went from being unsure about diana cheating to being sick because that shit was obvious. nia knocked her ass down 3 times and nothing. this is some grade A bullshit right here. I regret that diana is not only representing our country but also the city that I live in, Houston, TX. SMFH