Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Video: My April 2008 Sudden Death Against Diana Lopez

Watch the video below of the sudden death round between me and Diana Lopez in April 2008 during the Olympic Trials. Now you be the judge. Did I win or did she? It's OBVIOUS that I beat her. Truth be told, she lost even before this sudden death round. The sport has become corrupted so I want the world to know that Diana Lopez is not the champion. I am!


Jeremy Jackson said...

This is sad! Nia knocked her down! Boy sports have really become corrupted. Diana Lopez was not the winner.

I support Nia all the way! Let the truth be known.

The Anti-Lopez Movement said...

We need to have a protest in Beijing! The Lopez family must have paid them off.

A Nia Supporter said...

The Lopez Family are to be ashamed of themselves. They see clearly that Diana did not win. I am happy to see Brother Jesse and others working to put the word out!

This must be known! Nia you are the real champion.

Jasmine Wilson said...

Nia you are an awesome fighter and it is sad that you are not representing the United States. May God bless you and your family.

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